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Kitty Knits: Projects for Cats and Their People by Donna Druchunas

Published 2008

Love to Knit Socks by Bronwyn Lowenthal

Published 2008

There's no doubt about it, socks are an indispensable part of every wardrobe. Whether you need an ultra-comfortable pair for chilling out at home, or a gorgeous, stylish pair to add an eye-catching twist to some stunning stilettos, Love to Knit Socks has 35 original, easy-to-make designs from the fabulous fashion label Lowie. Packed full of super-simple ideas, you will find socks to suit every event in your social calendar. From spotty slipper socks you'll never want to take off to oh-so-cute flower socks that look just as good dressed down as they do dressed up, these socks are guaranteed to become firm favorites for all lovers of fashionable feet. Whatever your style, you'll love to knit these essential accessories. From simple to intricate, sock designs for all skill levels. Easy-to-follow patterns and techniques make every project accessible.

Knitting New Mittens and Gloves: Warm and Adorn Your Hands in 28 Innovative Ways by Robin Melanson, Tyllie Barbosa (Photographer), Tyllie Barbosa (Ph

Published 2008

Growing up in Cape Breton, on Canada’s Atlantic coast, knitwear designer Robin Melanson learned early on the importance of gloves and mittens in a harsh winter climate. Now this self-described “mitten and glove aficionado” shares her enthusiasm for these ordinary items by presenting 28 extraordinary ways to make them for year-round style.

Featuring gloves, mittens, arm warmers, mitts, and fingerless gloves, this is the second book in a new SCT Craft series that introduces innovative approaches to creating popular knitted items. Knitting New Mittens and Gloves combines traditional and untraditional techniques—as well as influences as far-flung as Gothic architecture, Estonian lace, and Wagnerian opera—in a winning collection of patterns for adults and children. From wool mittens filled with unspun fleece and arm warmers with leather laces, to cotton-mesh fingerless gloves and silk-beaded mitts to be worn as adornments, each design has an unexpected twist.

Because they are small, quick to make, and don’t require a lot of yarn, mittens and gloves are perfect projects for knitting throughout the year, and they also offer an ideal opportunity for beginning and more seasoned knitters to experiment with new techniques, yarns, and styles. With its fresh, original sensibility, Knitting New Mittens and Gloves will captivate knitters of every level.

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes : Knits with Color and Texture by Sandy Scoville

Published 2008

Guy Knits by Rick Mondragon (Editor), Elaine Rowley (Editor), Alexis Xenakis (Photographer)

Published 2008

From rugged to refined, and from casual to corporate, these 25 men's handknit projects are classics with style. A recent shift in the yarn world—away from novelty yarns to interesting standards, luxurious blends, and rich tweeds—ensures that these knits will be worn, look good, and fun to make. In addition to swatches highlighting new yarn choices, clear illustrations encourage the knitter to try color work, cables, or textured stitches for the first time. With the wide range of sizes and a special knit-to-fit section, these pullovers, cardigans, vests, and waistcoats work for men in all walks of life.

Get Knitting! by Gina Macris

Published 2008

Newcomers to knitting finally have the book they require: an honest-to-goodness beginner’s guide that provides basic visual instruction geared to a real novice’s needs. Get Knitting! was written with the beginner in mind, and it addresses anyone who has never picked up a needle or held a skein of yarn. The introduction presents the basic tools, techniques, and materials. Lessons in the fundamentals include how to hold the needle and wool, cast the first row of stitches, and knit and purl. Through beautifully photographed projects of increasing complexity, more sophisticated techniques—including advanced stitches, reading patterns, and taking accurate measurements—gradually unfold. Soon anyone will have the skills to create a simple scarf, baby blanket, pillow cover, cardigans, and a handsome pullover complete with vee, crew, and turtleneck variations.

Felted Wool Fashions : Making New Styles from Old Knits by Vivian Peritts

Published 2008

This fabulous guide is brimming with ideas for recycling and restyling your aging wool knitwear—simply by felting, cutting, and combining them in innovative ways. Find out everything you need to get started, from choosing the right old sweaters to the simplest, most reliable method of felting. Photographs display piecing and cutting techniques for felted sweaters, machine and hand embroidery for added interest, and sewing techniques to finish off each project. Imaginative embellishments are also here, including fabulous felted flowers and three kinds of buttonholes. With more than 30 projects for capes, vests, shawls, slippers, scarves, hats, tote bags, purses, jewelry, jackets, and even a cute dog sweater. Crafters will soon be felting away!

200 Knitting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets by Betty Barnden

Published 2008

The basics of knitting are quick to master, but learning to create a stylish, professional finish usually takes much longer. This book contains over 200 professional fixes, insider tips, and secrets arranged by topic to enable any crafter to achieve a great fit and finish when knitting garments and accessories. You will also learn how to dye yarns easily in an ordinary kitchen to get the color combinations you want, and how to embellish garments with surface decoration and beads to express your own personality. unlike most other knitting books, 200 KNITTING TIPS, TECHNIQUES & TRADE SECRETS shows you how to adapt and design garments to suit your own size, shape, and preferences, and the book is packed with a wealth of informative and inspirational ideas.

Each topic, self-contained in a one- or two-page section, is fully explained and illustrated with specially commissioned step-by-step photographs and detailed artwork. For ease of use, every topic is cross-referenced to allow the reader to dip in and out for help and advice. Aimed at all knitters from beginners to the more experienced 200 KNITTING TIPS, TECHNIQUES & TRADE SECRETS contains a wealth of essential technical information and handy tips.

Quick and Clever Felting by Kharade

Published 2008

Readers will be inspired by the fresh, contemporary approach to the world's oldest textile fabric with this fabulous collection of stylish, quick-to-make felted fabric projects in Quick & Clever Felting. A range of easy-to-follow techniques including needle felting, wet felting, fulling and using store-bought felt fabric are explored though projects such as jewelry, flower corsages, bags, slippers, cushions and more. Variation ideas show readers how easy it is to adapt main projects for personal appeal and each stunning project can be completed in less than a day—a must for any busy crafter.

Knitted Bears : Eight Special Friends for You to Knit by Claire Garland

Published 2008

Cool Knits for Kids : 25 Stunning Designs for Babies To 7-Year-Olds by Kate Gunn, Robyn MacDonald

Published 2008

This book not only teaches you how to knit to fit, but it also helps you make sure everything fits. You'll discover that the beauty and character of classic Scandinavian knit designs take on a contemporary look in the 25 fantastic kids' clothing featured in Cool Knits for Kids. From tiny blankets, booties and hoodies to cardigans, hats, sweaters, ponchos and scarves, the complete instructions, color illustrations and sizing charts in this book will help you create cool additions to any child's wardrobe.

Closely Knit : Handmade Gifts for the Ones You Love by Hannah Fettig

Published 2008

Closely Knit takes the guesswork out of knitting for others. Gift giving is made simple with the 30+ patterns, each tailored for a specific recipient and organized by complexity. Readers can now accurately estimate the time required to knit a gift for that special someone and with the wide array of options from special hand knits for mothers to knitted sweaters for men, to accessories such as scarves and hats, the gifting options are limitless. In addition, there are stuffed animals, a selection of home décor items including pillows and blankets and a mobile for baby. Options are provided for creating last-minute gifts in addition to tips and tricks for quick fixes to avoid the cram knitting that sometimes occurs when knitters are creating a gift for someone else.

Shibori Knitted Felt : 20 Plus Designs to Knit, Bead, and Felt by Alison Crowther-Smith, John Heseltine (Photographer)

Published 2008

Knitters who already love knitted felt for its softness and durability take their skills to new heights with these wonderful projects for garments, accessories, and home fashions. By incorporating Shibori, the Japanese art of manipulating fabric to create unusual textures and color effects, these projects delight with their fanciful bobbles, pleats, ruffles, and embroidery stitches. Designs include a delicate frilled scarf embellished with beads, a pair of Turkish shoes, an embossed throw, a pleated cape, a water-bottle cover, and a striped "bump" bag made by tying marbles into the fabric before washing to create a bubbled texture. A guide to felting basics, lists of yarn types and equipment, and washing-temperature charts to ensure exact shrinkage are included, and beautiful photographs, step-by-step instructions, full-color illustrations, and sidebars filled with tips and techniques make the projects easy to envision and complete.

Nordic Felted Knits by Gerd Fjellanger

Published 2008

With patterns for felters of all levels of expertise, this project book offers more than 50 colorful, inspirational ideas for traditional garments with a northern European flair. Emphasizing warmth and durability, these sweaters, scarves, hats, slippers, and bags all demonstrate the wonderful qualities of felted knitting and make great gifts for both young and old. The simple and attractive felting techniques employed in the book will enhance the skills of even the most accomplished knitter. Additional ideas for embroidery, beads, and other embellishments allow for a variety of finishing touches so that reusing a pattern never yields the same results.

Knitwear by Sasha Kagan

Published 2008

Popular knitwear designer Sasha Kagan (Crochet Inspiration) presents a collection of 22 classic designs for the discerning woman of fashion. A wardrobe of magnificent cardigans, jackets, coats, tops, sweaters, wraps, and scarves showcases Sasha’s signature use of pattern, color, and texture. The result: a very wearable group of timeless pieces for the style-savvy knitter (who has intermediate to advanced skills) to enjoy making and wearing. For a cool day on the beach or water, choose a pullover sweater with bright boats sailing across a sea-blue background. Or show off a sleeveless pink crop top, sprinkled with pretty flowers, small ruffles, and an under the bust tie. And the pompom-edged scarf is simply irresistible. Every item is a showstopper!

Knitted Socks : Over 25 Designs for Fab Feet and Cozy Toes for the Whole Family by Anna Tillman

Published 2008

Whether worn for warmth or to make a stylish statement, peaking out below pant legs or hidden from view, socks can make or break an outfit, and this guidebook for all crafters is chock-full of fun, easy-to-make sock styles. Knitters will find a range of projects from traditional classics such Fair Isle and slouch socks to trendy novelties with stripes, polka dots, pop-out penguins, pom-poms, and rainbow toes. Step-by-step instructions accompany all 25 projects, each of which is appropriate for all abilities and every foot size, from babies to adults. The only challenge will be deciding which pair to knit first.

Fashionable Projects for the New Knitter by Alison Barlow

Published 2008

Who says a knitting project has to be complicated to look fashionable? Simple can be stylish, too—and anyone who can do a basic “knit and purl” can make these chic items with no trouble at all. The trick: using quality yarns in beautiful colors and textures. The results will look marvelous…and no one need know that your designer scarf used an easy loose stitch and took just a few hours to create! And there’s lots to choose from: [34] projects that include hats, bags, blankets, shawls, sweaters, and accessories. The attractive photos show each one in different yarns and colors, and excellent, easy-to-follow instructions teach how to knit on circular needles, make great felted items, and change colors as you work.

Design Your Own Knits in 5 Easy Steps by Debbie Abrahams

Published 2008

Can’t find the right knitting pattern? Want to produce your own designs but aren’t sure how? Now it’s not just possible to make original patterns, it’s actually easy! All it takes are five simple steps, each laid out in this colorful resource—along with 48 pages of special knitter’s graph paper to work on. First, see how to find inspiration for your work, decide on the stitches, and select the yarn. Second, learn how to put those ideas onto paper like a pro. Step three involves knitting a swatch to get a quick sense of how it will look and if your gauge is right. Then you’re ready to map out the entire design. And finally—start knitting! The results are sure to be fabulous.

25 Beaded Knits : Fun Projects and Fashionable Designs to Wear Using Beads, Buttons, and Sequins by Debbie Abrahams

Published 2008

With a variety of eye-catching beaded knitting techniques this guidebook will delight the modern knitter. The 25 projects cover a variety of applications, including wearable fashion designs for hats, scarves, cell phone covers, sweaters, slippers, and even sequined evening accessories. A section outlining all beading techniques is included with easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photos that will please knitters of all skill levels.

Tweed by Nancy J. Thomas

Published 2008

From tartan to twill, tweed woolens are known for their classic looks and understated stylishness. Today, tweed has emerged from the English, Scottish, and Irish countryside to become a contemporary fashion favorite. In Tweed, the first-ever guide to knitting with tweed yarns, Nancy J. Thomas offers an expert knitter’s appreciation of this emblematic yarn while providing advice on choosing and caring for tweed yarns. She recounts the history of tweed yarns and fabric, explains how tweed yarn is made, and teaches you to simulate the look of woven tweed fabrics in your knitting.

Tweed includes more than 20 projects, arranged by difficulty, that are specially designed for tweed yarns, while also covering a variety of stitch patterns and techniques to help you take advantage of the appealing nubby texture of tweed woolen yarn. Beginners can opt for a North Sea Hat & Scarf Set or a Tweed River Pullover, intermediate knitters might try a Harris-Style Sampler Cardigan or a Dublin Cabled Vest, while advanced knitters can apply their skills to an Isle of Skye Jacket or an Outer Hebrides Sampler Throw.

Tweed is perfect for today’s knitters, who appreciate knowing about the history of the yarn they’re working with while creating classic projects that bring a venerable knitting heritage into our own time.

A Fine Fleece: 26 Patterns for Handspun Yarns by Lisa Lloyd

Published 2008

The pleasure of knitting can be that much greater when you know you’re using the perfect yarn. In A Fine Fleece, designer, knitter, and spinner Lisa Lloyd explores the different qualities of handspun yarn and presents projects that show them to their best advantage. There is valuable information here for every knitter, even if you’ve never considered learning to spin (though you may find inspiration in this book to do just that).

While educating you on the differences in fibers (like Alpaca, Merino, Cormo, Rambouillet, and Suffolk) and the characteristics you can achieve in a handspun yarn by combining fibers according to certain recipes, Lisa Lloyd also shares the three important concepts that enlighten her designs: the use of contrasting color and fiber; scale and perspective (chunky yarns with chunky cable stitches versus chunky yarns with delicate ones); and the creation of “poetic” sweaters that try to capture an emotion.

Each of the 26 projects in A Fine Fleece shows the finished project knitted in both a handspun yarn and a commercial yarn so that you can train your eye to understand how fiber and texture can truly transform a piece.

Retro Knits : Cool Vintage Patterns for Men, Women, and Children from The 1900s-1970 by Jean Lampe

Published 2008

50 vintage patterns--for everything from mittens and scarves to sweaters, vests--from the 1910s to the 1970s, with updated yarn and needle suggestions.

Kniting Sock Sensations by Louise Butt, Kirstie McLeod

Published 2008

Forget shoes—readers can take their sock addiction to new lengths with an inspiring mix of cozy, quirky and chic sock designs in Knitting Socks Appeal. Included are projects such as pedicure socks, chic retro leg warmers, tiny tiger feet and even unique stripy socks for dad. Variation designs will tempt readers with a colorful range of irresistible sock yarns and stylish embellishments such as pompoms, beads and ribbons complete each pair. With clear patterns, stylish photography and easy-to-follow technique instructions, even novice knitters will be able to treat their feet.

How to Knit in the Woods by Shannon Okey

Published 2008

Wow your fellow campers and pick up new skills with these creative and easy-to-follow knitting projects.

Featuring 20 outdoor-friendly knitting projects, How to Knit in the Woods is every crafty person's indispensable guide to creativity in the open air. Full of advice on how to choose quick-drying yarns and other outdoor-friendly materials, and how to knit on the go?—?this is not your mother's knitting book.

Projects range from easy to intermediate and include such gems as a waterproof cartigan, a campfire cushion (which doubles as pillow), marshmallow pot holders, cozy camp socks, and a woodsy washcloth outfitted with a built-in pocket for soap. Easy-to-follow, inspired patterns and a resource guide round out this kitschy yet modern craft guide.

Debbie Bliss Home: 27 Hand Knits for Living by Debbie Bliss

Published 2008

A collection of 27 unique designs appropriate for knitters of all abilities, this beautifully photographed book captures that elusive feeling evoked by favorite retreats. One-of-a-kind cushions, blankets, and household accessories will warm any nest; cozy handmade slippers and sweaters are perfect for sitting by the fireplace; and a nautical jacket and scarf can warm an evening on the waterfront. Step-by-step instructions cover three major themes: Seaside, Modern Country, and Urban. Wherever the location and whatever the reader’s taste, this fun, easy craft book shows how to add stylistic touches to every corner of the abode.

Afghans and Throws : A Step-by-Step Guide to Knit and Crochet Designs, Patterns and Techniques by Luise Roberts

Published 2008

Including an inspirational gallery of designs and motifs, this instructional guide teaches all the skills necessary to make beautiful afghans and throws. Clear step-by-step photographs and complete stitching instructions are cross-referenced with the techniques in the book, which include choosing yarns, basic knitting and crochet stitches, Fair Isle and intarsia techniques, making and piecing blocks and strips, and creating delicate lace and openwork fabrics. Readers will learn how to read patterns and chart their own unique designs, or use multiple stitch techniques to create bobbles, popcorns, and cables. From stunning effects achieved by combining color, pattern, and texture, to the finishing touches with borders, tassels, beads, and embroidery, handmade afghans are a wonderful palette for experimenting with new techniques.

Loom Knitting Pattern Book: 32 Easy, No-Needle Designs for All Loom Knitters by Isela Phelps

Published 2008 - This one is for you Nan!

For all those who have struggled to knit with needles, loom knitting is an easy craft to master---in only a few hours even the novice knitter can create fabulous accessories, clothes, bags, afghans, and more. Loom knitting is a revolutionary way of knitting that uses a circular or rectangular loom, or a knitting board, consisting of a frame with pegs. Looms are fun and easy to use, even for those with no knitting experience.

In her follow-up to the successful LOOM KNITTING PRIMER, Isela offers over 32 projects ranging from simple to advanced, each with illustrations and crystal clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Learn how to make more original, beautiful, and practical items quickly and easily. An essential resource for both the novice loom-knitter and the experienced knitter hungry for new patterns.

Knits for Men: 20 Sweaters, Vests, and Accessories by Margaret Hubert

Published 2008

The book presents twenty original knitting projects for men's sweaters and accessories. Included will be a variety of sweaters and vests and a few accessories, like hats, mittens, scarves and slippers.

It will include classic masculine styles (Nordic, cables, ribs, stripes) made modern through color and yarn selection. The designs will be contemporary sweaters and accessories that men will want to wear. The yarns will be classics, smooths and chunky yarns for the most part in natural fibers like wool and cotton. The colors will be masculine some grays, browns, blues, etc.—but reflect current designer trends.

The projects will be suitable for a variety of skill levels, with most appropriate for the advanced beginner and intermediate knitter. Unusual techniques will be taught, but this is not a "learn to knit" book.

Knit So Fine : Designs with Skinny Yarn by Lisa Myers, Carol Sulcoski, Laura Grutzeck

Published 2008

Educating knitters about fine yarns, this information-packed book features more than 20 stylish and contemporary projects to knit with lightweight yarns. Knitters will learn what fine yarns are, the many advantages of knitting with them, plus tips and techniques to make the knitting process even more enjoyable. Perfect for all skill levels, the projects in this guidebook show that garments knitted with thin yarns not only fit more precisely, but are more flattering to the figure and feel better against the skin. They also offer more versatility for fashion elements such as ruching, ruffles, gauzy layers, and drape. Crafters will find stylish and contemporary patterns, including a drapy silk top, a supple zippered cable hoodie, a bamboo skirt with stunning drape, a bohus-inspired pullover, a wrap dress, a ruffled scarf, and much more.

Simple Knits for Little Cherubs by Erika Knight

Published 2008

From cuddly toys to snuggly sweaters, every one of these knits, meant just for two to six year olds, is easy enough for total beginners to complete successfully! More than that, they’re so beautiful that they’re destined to become future family heirlooms. All the items use wonderfully soft, natural yarns that make the clothes comfortable and extremely wearable; there are no scratchy necklines, tight sleeves, or itchy collars to irritate a tot’s tender skin. Detailed illustrations show basic stitch techniques, along with alternative motifs and colors. Make an adorable classic cardigan, with a ribbed cuff that fits snug to the child’s wrist, and a sweet Scotty dog stitched on the pocket. The little patchwork doll’s blanket, with its colorful squares, will delight little girls. Knitters will want to make all 18 projects!

Picture Perfect Knits by Laura Birek

Published 2008

Just what the heck is intarsia anyway? One of the most overlooked knitting techniques, intarsia allows knitters to add graphics, argyle diamonds or mod motifs their knits. There's no tricky double stranding and knitters can incorporate intarsia into almost any project, be it a cozy blanket or tiny mittens. This handy guide includes instructions to make 12 projects plus more than 50 intarsia graphs that can be used to customize almost any knit. Clear instructions helpful illustrations and finished project photos make it simple to learn the basics. There are even some blank charts so knitters can invent their own patterns. It's easy. It's fun. And the results are totally picture perfect!

Kids! Picture Yourself Knitting by maranGraphics Development Group

Published 2008

This book covers all kids need to know about knitting stitches and techniques. Featuring a fun, kid-friendly four-color layout that teaches all the skills they need to get started, they'll learn about the different knitting stitches and how to add decorative touches to their finished pieces as the work through sample projects to put their new skills into action.

Knitted Finger Puppets: 34 Easy-to-Make Toys byMeg Leach

Published 2008

These darling little fellows are destined to become cherished favorites. Each cute finger puppet is modeled on popular kids’ characters and everyday figures that are easy to make!

  • Perfect for creating fun puppets for kids of all ages
  • Includes instructions for three collections: Christmas at the North Pole, Under the Big Top, and the Enchanted Forest
  • All you need to create these adorable finger puppets is a basic knowledge of knitting

Glam Knits: 25 Designs for Luxe Yarns by Stefanie Japel

Published 2008

Knitters are drawn to beautiful specialty and luxe yarns, and Glam Knits shows readers how to knit these gorgeous yarns into garments and accessories with a high-fashion persona that only Stefanie Japel can capture. Sophisticated evening wear pieces like camisoles, dresses, skirts, blouses and more are silhouetted straight from the runway without being overly trendy or easily dated. Stefanie's patterns feature a wide variety of knitting techniques including top-down construction, set-in sleeves, side-to-side knitting, hand stitching and more. Readers will appreciate the lavish photography and the wearable nature of the patterns.

  • Showcases 25 patterns that are both wearable and glamorous - all feature luxurious yarns such as silks, angoras and cashmeres
  • Unique to the marketplace in that it shows readers how to incorporate specialty yarns into their garments and accessories in a way that looks couture rather than homemade

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Hats: A Knitter's Dozen by Knitter's Magazine (Editor

Published 2005 but available online

Traditional to whimsical stocking caps and hats with twists and turns, textures, and lots of color work are among the best ideas for hats from Knitter's Magazine featured in this project book. Providing knitters with an opportunity to learn while they create, these 18 hat projects range in complexity to appeal to beginning through advanced skill levels. Knitters are invited to either start out with more ordinary yarns and stitches or to experiment with rich yarns and sophisticated stitches. A variety of embellishments and visually appealing instructions will inspire knitters to create their own custom designs.

Strip & Knit with Style: Create Fabric-Yarn - Use Cotton, Wool, Fleece & More - Knit 16 Projects for You & Your Home by Mark Hordyszynski

Published 2008

Strip & Knit with Style! No, not that kind of stripping. Strips of fabric! Get your mind out of the gutter and take your knitting to a whole new place with these clever projects, each one made with strips of fabric. Start with surprising fabrics—cotton, rayon, linen, hemp, silk, wool, polyester, even lace, faux fur, polar fleece! Then start knitting, following the simple directions to make sixteen sophisticated projects. Add paint, buttons, feathers, and more to make unique garments (and home accessories) that mean you’ll never have to strip again. Not in the clothes-off way, anyhow.

It Girl Knits: 30 Fresh Styles for the Young and Fabulous by Phoenix Bess

Clothing and accessories with style and flair for young women to knit and wear.

Maybe you’ve already mastered scarves and are bored with them, or maybe you’ve never knitted before but are drawn to the trendy knitted fashions you’re seeing on the runways and in your favorite stores. If all the knitting books you’ve picked up seem like they’re written for the likes of your Great Aunt Mabel rather than for you and your hipper crowd, It Girl Knits is your new best friend—and fashion consultant.

Created by 16-year-old “It Girl” Phoenix Bess, the 30 projects presented here were all designed with a youthful philosophy—and are pieces that Bess actually wears. A Baby Doll Top, Shortie Jacket, Fingerless Gloves, Beaded Bandana, Capri Leggings, Gold Halter Top, Tiny Shorts—all are easy to knit but make big statements. Every project adheres to the Bess design principles: the use of fibers that create a great fit and are soft to the touch (like bamboo, silk, and cotton yarns), and clean, classic lines with an edgy twist (often via fun embellishments like beads, crystals, and felt).

Most of the patterns are for beginners and knitted in the round (so less tough stuff like purling, seaming, and finishing), and include instructions for adjusting hemlines, inseams, and waistlines to get the perfect fit for any body type. Divided into four chapters—Working, Relaxing, Recreating, and Celebrating—It Girl Knits even features a color chart to help you mix and match yarns (i.e., Lavender + Baby Pink = cuteness), and sidebars on how to add optional designer details and put together an outfit that bestshows off your newly-knitted treasure.

Whether you’re hanging out at a café with friends, going to the beach, or dancing the night away, you’ll find a cool piece to knit that is sure to make you the “It Girl” of the day or night.

Knitters Yarn Palette by Claire Montgomerie

Published 2008

A visual celebration and source of inspiration for knitters eager to experiment with the newest colors and textures

Today's diverse knitters—some 50 million strong in North America—crave skeins of variety for stylish fashion pieces. Written by a rising young knitwear designer, Knitter's Yarn Palette spotlights exciting possibilities—from fun eyelash yarns to sumptuous angora—and showcases more than 200 full-color photos of yarns in every color, texture, and fiber imaginable. Sample swatches clearly show the results that can be achieved.

This unique book explains everything there is to know about weight, gauge, texture, and the suitability of mixing yarns using a wide range of 30 projects that revolve around 10 themes including:

• Seashores…delicate shades of sky and sand…string, cotton, and linen yarns… ripple-effect techniques
• Lazy Meadow…grassy green, poppy red, buttercup yellow…soft, silky, velvety yarns…ruffling and layering techniques
• Tribal Adventure…earth tones…linen, wools, and felted yarns…felting techniques

Knitters of all levels will gain confidence to experiment and select alternatives to the yarns specified in patterns. Experienced knitters will gain the inspiration to create their own unique designs from the stunning themes.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant

Published 2008

Knitters have spoken! Single-skein projects are all the rage because they're portable, fun, quick to finish, and the perfect answer to that stash of orphan yarns. Already, Judith Durant's One-Skein series has delighted knitters everywhere with fabulous single-skein patterns contributed by yarn shops and noted knitwear designers.

Now, Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders, the third book in this popular series, brings indulgence to the one-skein concept! The newest one-skein patterns are the most decadent yet, featuring the most sumptuous yarns on the market — from snuggle-worthy cashmere to the exquisite qiviut, and from the lustrous alpaca to the ecofriendly soy, corn, and bamboo yarns.

Contributors include designers, yarn manufacturers, and well-known knitting and crocheting teachers. Like previous One-Skein books, Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders features two-color illustrations throughout, as well as a full-color photo gallery of projects.

Patterns include baby items, personal accessories, toys, and garments — from an adorable babysweater knit from merino and bamboo to beaded cashmere socks. Not only are these projects fun and fast, they offer knitters a great excuse to pick up several skeins (really now, no one can buy just one!) of to-die-for yarns.

With Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders in hand, knitters who crave something special will create fabulous, heirloom-worthy projects without breaking the bank.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Continuous Cables: An Exploration of Knitted Cabled Knots, Rings, Swirls, and Curlicues by Melissa Leapman

Published 2008

Mention the phrase “cable knitting,” and most people—knitters and non-knitters alike—envision textured ropes, twists, and braids winding up knitted fabrics. But did you know that knitters can also create circular, closed-ring shapes with cables? Just imagine: curlicues, rings, swirls, knots—even intricate Celtic-inspired motifs—all richly embossed on knits!

In Continuous Cables, expert knitwear designer Melissa Leapman goes beyond the traditional, ordinary cables explored in her first book, Cables Untangled, providing knitters with an original collection of projects and stitch patterns featuring beautiful, closed-ring cables.

Complex-looking cables aren’t as hard as they look, and in Continuous Cables, Leapman breaks them down into all of their component parts. The all-new patterns are versatile and sophisticated, and the directions are clear and accessible. Leapman walks knitters through projects that include everything from starter projects (Simple Pillow, Simple Hat) and home accents (Fireside Afghan, Stowe Cabin Throw Rug), to clothing for women (Sage Tunic, Honeysuckle Sleeveless Shell), and gifts for friends and family (Baby Blocks, Man’s Entwined Circles Pullover).

But Continuous Cables isn’t merely a source for 20 fun patterns—it also features more than 80 original individual stitch patterns, most designed just for this book. With a primer on basics, a useful yarn choice and substitution section, resource guide, and a stitch dictionary of closed-ring cable patterns, Continuous Cables is a must-have reference for any cable knitter’s growing library.

Endless cables, infinite possibilities!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Knitted Lace of Estonia: Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions

Published 2008

Combining some of the oldest knitted artifacts in Northern Europe with authentic tips and expert advice, this distinctive guidebook demonstrates a wide range of knitting knowledge. Featuring 14 heirloom-quality projects, this savvy reference includes traditional lace-knitting techniques such as the starburst, twig, peacock, and lily of the valley patterns. Modern variations on classic methods and adding lace edges are also explored, and photographs from several Estonian museums beautifully illustrate various completed designs. With accessible graphed and written instructions, the projects include Estonian-style shawls, stoles, and scarves.

It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons by Franklin Habit

Published 2008

An affectionate and humorous celebration of every aspect of the craft of knitting, from buying—and hiding—massive quantities of yarn to wrestling with projects that go seriously awry to prescriptions for alleviating the stress brought on by holiday knitting. This witty collection represents a pitch-perfect send up of one of the most rapidly growing hobbies today. Including 75 cartoons, deftly rendered in pen and ink with watercolor wash, and several humorous short essays, every knitter is sure to find elements of themselves in this collection.

Harmony Guides: 101 Stitches to Knit by Erika Knight (Editor)

Published 2008

Each card in this pack features a stitch design on the front side and concise easy-to-follow instructions on the back, making it easier than ever to find the perfect stitch pattern for a project. An eight-page booklet on basic knitting techniques is included for beginning knitters and a color-coded system divides the cards into themes—knit and purl, lace and eyelets, and cables and arans—providing user-friendly organization for the sturdy cards that can be slipped into a handbag or wallet as a quick reference for knitting on the go.

Color Style: Innovative to Traditional, 17 Inspired Designs to Knit by Pam Allen, Ann Budd

published 2008

From simple stripes to intricate Fair Isle patterns, this resource provides a solid foundation and numerous examples of the best ways to bring knits to life. Full of gorgeous patterns and clear instructions, 15 top knitwear designers—including Véronik Avery, Mags Kandis, Deborah Newton, Kristin Nicholas, and Shirley Paden—provide inspiration and practical projects for the beginning and experienced knitter alike. From an easy-to-knit pullover that alternates narrow stripes of solid and variegated yarns to a multicolored Fair Isle cardigan worked with steeks, this guidebook is filled with projects that take advantage of the countless ways in which knits can be enriched with color.

Boutique Knits: 20+ Must-Have Accessories by Laura Irwin

Published 2008

Encouraging knitters to think beyond traditional patterns, this guide offers ways to construct and embellish work with smart and quirky personal touches that combine imaginative trims with hardware accents. Covering a wide variety of knitting techniques such as felting, intarsia, Fair Isle, lacework, and cables, the unique examples in this resource include buckles and bolts to close an intricately cabled belt, a chain handle to finish a felted bag, and grommets to complete a half-felted handbag. This collection of modern, stylish patterns will inspire beginning and intermediate knitters with its uncommon techniques and materials, dressing up quick and easy projects with head-turning flair.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nicky Epstein's Knitting on Top of the World by Nicky Epstein

Published 2008

Nicky Epstein’s blockbuster Edge titles have sold more than 125,000 copies; she’s a needlework star whose every book is eagerly anticipated and snatched up. Now Nicky’s giving devoted readers her most important and wide-ranging collection of patterns yet: a worldwide tour of knitting traditions and techniques, including colorwork, cables, lace, intarsia, and more. She explains the origins and traditional uses of each one, and then goes on to reinvigorate and recombine all these beloved styles in her inimitable way. The result: more than 40 all-new, innovative designs collected in an attractively designed book with a handy ribbon marker. There’s a Celtic Pullover with braided twisted rib strips; a Snowflake Tunic from the Far North; a Felted Tyrolean Capelet with appliqué, cord, and balls; a Spanish Rose Pullover with lace accents; a colorful Peruvian skirt; and an oversized, zipped Navajo Blanket Jacket.
Colorful maps and historical photos make this collection a visual treat, as well as an invaluable tool for knitters seeking new inspiration.